Economic Benefits

We are committed to creating long-term economic and community benefits through our operations. New Elk Mine has a large resource base in excess of 750 million tonnes of coal to provide for a potential mine life in excess of 50 years. The project is designed to be cost-competitive and therefore, resilient to coal market price volatility, making for stable and sustainable operations.

We believe in the importance of giving back to our local community as a responsible corporate citizen. Wherever possible, we hire locally – whether that is the people working at our mine or the many suppliers we will need to support our operations. 

Economic benefits to local communities include:

Direct & Indirect Jobs

  • 200 full-time equivalent jobs by 2023
  • 150+ employees in contract services

Taxes & Revenues to Las Animas County and Colorado State

At full production, over 25 years:

  • $566 million in salaries to employees
  • $122 million in revenues for Colorado State & Severance taxes paid
  • $180 million in royalties to the State of Colorado Wildlife
  • $12 million in local district taxes paid
  • $418 million in federal taxes paid
  • $65 million in utilities paid