Operating Commitments

These are the commitments we make to our neighbors, our employees, our community and our natural environment. These commitments guide how we operate and make decisions.


We will ensure that our activities are responsible and protect the environment. We adhere to the mitigation hierarchy to avoid and minimize impacts and restore, where necessary.


We will continue to engage with the community with the aim of ensuring socio-economic priorities and goals are understood and addressed. We aim to create a positive legacy from mining, collaborating with our neighbours to develop opportunities that will contribute to supporting strong local communities.

Indigenous People

We acknowledge and respect the rights and interests of Indigenous People in the regions where we operate. We aim to create opportunities that will support the advancement of local communities.

Health and Safety

We believe that all activities can be completed with zero harm to personnel and that all incidents and injuries are preventable. We will provide resources to manage health and safety and expect all employees and contractors to share in the responsibility.